Professional Carpet Cleaning by
The Dirty Carpet Cleaner

We at The Dirty Carpet Cleaner are your professional carpet cleaners for the Collingwood Park area.

Dirty Carpet Cleaners offer other services like rugs and stair case cleaning to clients in Collingwood Park and surrounding areas.

At Collingwood Park, we offer a wide range of Professional rug and stair case cleaning services that are safe for all fibre types.

Dirty Carpet Cleaners provide great value and quality technical expertise, with years of experience and top cleaning solutions to maintain and restore the carpet fibre, helping them look cleaner, feel softer and last longer.

We the dirty carpet cleaners are:

  • Professional, friendly and trustworthy for your peace of mind
  • We are a family run business with customer satisfaction at our highest priority
  • Offering 100% customer satisfaction and we find many of our customers being referrals or repeat business.
  • There are no hidden costs (try our carpet cleaning estimator)

The Dirty Carpet Cleaner has relevant information on our website and feel free to speak with us for advice.

Locally owned

A  locally owned & operated business


Over 10 years of experience in the carpet cleaner industry


Our technicians are continually upgrade their skills with the latest training courses providing you the best carpet cleaning possible.

Fully Qualified

Our fully qualified technicians are ready to clean your carpet

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