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Carpet cleaning Ipswich Qld. The Dirty Carpet Cleaner offers professional carpet cleaning for commercial, office & residential. Discounted End of lease carpet cleaning and pest control packages available. Carpet can dry within 2 hours, while removing more stains than most other cleaners & offering discounted prices if carpets are pre-vacuumed. We also clean rugs, mattresses and upholstery. The Dirty Carpet Cleaner is a family business that provides a friendly and reliable service to the areas of Ipswich QLD.

Why use The Dirty Carpet Cleaner?

As trained IICRC carpet cleaning technicians we are trained & experienced in the different carpet & upholstery cleaning methods available. The Dirty Carpet Cleaner uses two different types of cleaning methods for carpet & upholstery cleaning. Unlike other cleaners who use the traditional cleaning method of hot water extraction (steam cleaning) with the use of a regular wand, The Dirty Carpet Cleaner uses a new and improved rotary machine (Rotavac 360i) which inter-changable heads for different cleaning methods.

Here is a brief description of the carpet cleaning methods we use

SHAMPOO (Basic Clean) – Our most popular method is a low moisture shampoo technique used with a high quality pre spray and alkaline booster, which helps remove more dirt and stains. Then the use of our Rotovac 360i with encapsulation pads to scrub the carpet fibers while absorbing dirt & stains from your carpets drying time is usually 30 mins – 2 hours which is more convenient in today’s busy lifestyle in a home or office environment. This provides a basic clean at low prices.

DEEP ROTARY EXTRACTION (Best Clean) -The other cleaning method used is hot water extraction. The difference between the traditional hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and our technique is we use the Rotovac 360i with a nylon brush head which rotates at 250rpm to agitate the carpet while rinsing the fibres clean with multiple spray jets and vacuum ports providing a deep extraction clean. Resulting in cleaner carpet than the regular wand (see pic). A rotary extraction provides the best carpet clean available and removes more dirt and stains, please keep in mind some stains lock into the fibres and require specialised stain removers to release them. (fee’s apply)

Pet stains or extremely dirty rooms may require a deep extraction clean with our Rotovac 360i brush head attachment or the use of specialised cleaning products (charges apply). We can remove more dirt and stains with our brush head that scrubs deep into the carpet fibres while rinsing it clean. See the difference as dirt and stains lift before your eyes. Best of all the stains don’t reappear. Drying times take longer but with good air/ventilation should only take a few hours.

Upholstery Cleaning To clean upholstery we use the Mytee Lite II with the use of a fast drying pre spray and the Mytee Lite upholstery tool. Together they provide a cleaner and dryer upholstery than traditional upholstery cleaning. We now offer upholstery shampoo cleaning that removes soil & dirt with faster drying times (great for busy homes or work places).

We understand that having cleaners in your home can be stressful and so as a family business, you can be assured of the most courteous and experienced technicians will work on your carpets. With the use of our Rotovac 360i carpet cleaning restoration system and the Mytee lite, we strive to ensure that our service causes you little inconvenience and is fast drying and satisfying.

Important A Dirty Carpet Cleaner follows all IICRC standards, even though our cleaning methods can remove most dirt and stains from carpet, left over stains may require more extensive specialised stain removals (at an extra cost $$) but unfortunately there is NO 100% guarantee when removing dirt and stains on carpet or upholstery that has been misused or damaged. We may refuse to clean carpets if heavily stained or damaged to avoid further conflict

We provide you with the best value, highest technical expertise offering years of experience and the cleaning solutions to maintain and restore fibres and fabrics, keeping them to look cleaner, feeling softer and lasting longer.

At The Dirty Carpet Cleaner we are:

  • Friendly and honest local professionals
  • Family run business with high referrals and customer satisfaction
  • Flexible and Understanding.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with most customers being referrals or repeat business.
  • No hidden costs (try our carpet cleaning estimator)

We hope you find the information on our website useful & feel free to speak with us for friendly advice.

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